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Angie’s List Mobile
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Angie’s List Mobile (for current members only)

The Angie’s List Mobile App gives our current members on-the-go access to Angie’s List reviews. If you’re not an Angie’s List member, join today at to find the best contractors and doctors in your city!

An Angie’s List membership gives you reviews on local service companies ranging from home repair, remodeling, plumbing, pet care, health care and much more – over 500 different service categories to choose from! Unlike other review sites, Angie’s List doesn’t allow anonymous reviews – to keep companies from commenting on themselves.

A membership also gives you access to our live call center. Plus! You’ll get our Complaint Resolution Service, in case a home project goes wrong – we’ll go to bat for you! And as an added bonus, our members get HUGE discounts on highly rated companies!

Join today and see why more than 1 million members nationwide check Angie’s List before they hire.


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