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College Physics II
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The Physics I Flashcard package has nine chapters containing 90 flashcards. It covers the most important formulas that students need to remember to master the second semester college physics course. There are also plenty of figures to assist understanding the formulas and concepts.

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1 Wave
• General Equation for Wave
• Amplitude, Angular Frequency, and Period
• Phase Angle
• Wavelength
• Frequency
• Angular Frequency
• Summary Quantities of a Wave
• Velocity of a Wave
• Acceleration of a Wave

Chapter 2 General Wave Motion
• Types of Waves in Motion – Transverse Wave
• Types of Waves in Motion – Longitudinal Wave
• Wave Functions
• Interference Constructive
• Interference Destructive
• The Speed of a Wave
• Sinusoidal Wave
• Summary of Important Quantities of a Wave
• Velocity and Acceleration of a Wave
• Power Transferred by a Sinusoidal Wave

Chapter 3 Sound Waves, Intensity, Doppler’s Effect
• Speed of Sound Wave in a Medium
• Speed of Sound in Dry Air at Room Temperature
• Variation of Gas Pressure
• Intensity
• Sound Level in Decibels
• Intensity at a Distance r from The Source
• Plane Wave
• The Doppler Effect
• Standing Waves
• Fundamental Frequency
• Wavelength of a Standing Wave with Fixed Ends

Chapter 4 Temperature, Linear & Volume Expansions
• Absolute Temperature Scale
• Absolute Zero
• Conversion between Different Temperature Scales
• Linear Expansion
• Example of Linear Expansion
• Volume Expansion

Chapter 5 Heat and Thermodynamics
• Unit of Heat
• Heat Capacity C
• Specific Heat of a Substance
• Heat
• Conservation of Energy
• Phase Change
• Latent Heat
• Latent Heat of Fusion And Vaporization
• Total Work Done by the Gas
• Change in the Internal Energy
• Isothermal Process
• PV Diagram And Isothermal Process

Chapter 6 The Kinetic Theory of Gases
• Ideal Gas Law
• Translational Molecular Kinetic Energy to the Temperature
• Translational Molecular Kinetic Energy
• Molar Specific Heats
• Change of Energy for Constant Volume
• Constant Volume
• Adiabatic Process
• Adiabatic Process

Chapter7 The Heat Engine, Efficiency, and Entropy
• The Heat Engine
• Thermal Efficiency of a Heat Engine
• Carnot Heat Engine
• Thermal Efficiency of a Carnot Heat Engine
• COP (Heating Mode)
• COP (Cooling Mode)
• Entropy

Chapter 8 Light, Reflection, and Refraction
• The Energy of a Photon
• Light
• The Speed of Light
• Reflection
• Refraction
• Index of Refraction
• Huygen’s Principle Part I
• Huygen’s Principle Part II
• Critical Angle for Total Reflection Angle

Chapter 9 Geometric Optics
• Lateral Magnification
• Concave Mirror
• Spherical Aberration
• Focal Point of a Concave Mirror
• Image in a Concave Mirror
• Mirror Equation
• Mirror Equation
• Index of Refraction
• The Focus of a Thin Lens

If you would like to see more screenshots or know detail information about this flashcard package, please visit ==> under the “Physics” section! Thank you for you interest!!!


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