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2017-10-23 23:02:25

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Habits is the perfect iPhone application to make sure you keep your New Year’s Resolutions.

To help you stick to your resolutions, from now until the end of January 2009, Habits is on sale for $0.99.

At the end of January, there will be an upgrade release to make it easier for you to keep your habits.

Habits is a Getting Things Done (GTD) companion application that helps you form good habits. Enter in the habits you want to form and how often you want to do them. Then, run Habits each day to see when it’s time to do one of them.

For example, be reminded to call Mom every weekend, go to the gym every 2 to 3 days, or water the plants every other day. Habits will remind you when you have to do something and track when you do it.

Unlike a recurring event in your calendar, a habit doesn’t have to be done at an exact time and keeping these items separate means your calendar won’t be cluttered.


* The home screen shows a sorted list of habits (in the order you should do them)
* For each habit, get a report on how well you are doing.
* Skip a habit, and have Habits remind you the next time you have to do it.
* Pause a habit (for vacations or business trips) and not have it count against you.
* Get Help within the application.


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  • Habits Screenshot

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  • Angel Cm

    I also suggest a FaceBook Page for fans.

  • Angel Cm

    Features suggested:
    – Windows version
    – Sync with several devices (iphone/ipad/computer/icloud)
    – Average time between recurring tasks or habits (see Social Circle app)

  • Dennis Hettema

    Great app dude! Would it be possible to see how good I am at keeping all my habits? An overall average I mean.

  • Pankaj

    After latest Update. I am not able to ADD new habit Save button is disabled.
    When I press DONE it comes out of app without saving.

    After reinstall same issue.


  • BiggKhalil

    I like the idea of Habits and bought it to implement it, but it would be helpful if there were some kind of reminders, such as a number icon that appeared on the app icon itself (like when I have voice mail or have missed calls). It serves as a good reminder to check my list. Otherwise, I might as well plug it into my OmniFocus app. That said, if I weren't already using OmniFocus, I'd likely use Habits a bit more.

  • map

    Hi. I just bought this app and think it rocks!!
    Feature request (of course..):
    — choice to set frequency to every monday, or every tuesday, etc.. seems necessary, simple and easy for a great developer like you ;).
    — separate things that need to be done by their proximity to today, so things that needed to be done yesterday, or two days ago, etc. then today and then group for tomorrow, in two days, etc… That way if I want I can just do the basic habits (today only) or do today plus tomorrows if I have extra time now, then tomorrow I could find some extra time to do what should have been done yesterday (then two days ago) that could be an optional mode by pushing the typical toggle button in the home screen! I just put my rave review of your app in the spanish AppStore, the first one, to get you started here! Don't let us down and update keeping the interface just as simple, but improved!!
    — to be able to order habits could be useful too

  • back


    I bought your App and it seems great for what I need! However I found a slight bug. If you type in a title and press "Done" on the keyboard without selecting an interval, the application crashes for me.

    • back

      Sorry, I spoke too soon. It seems to occur randomly. Let me know if there's any information you need.

  • Mr T

    I’m happy to report that, after a week of using Habits, I’ve been able to stick to the habits I want to form – according to Habit’s log – 66.7% of the time. Which is saying a lot as I have been close to zero using conventional to-do apps. Yes, it does make a diff to keep the recurring habit-forming to-dos in a separate app! I find that with a dedicated Habits, I now compete with – and try to win against – my slothful self.

    So, please don’t give in to feature requests that would turn Habits into an also-ran to-do list. There’s a glut of to-do apps out there! Habit’s simplicity IS its strength!

    That said, I agree with the foregoing comments to adopt customized repeats (similar to Apple iCal when you create a repeating event). However, assigning a SPECIFIC time to do a habit has NEVER worked for me; it only guaranteed failure. When I miss the EXACT time, I beat myself up over it. Then discouragement sets in and wins the day.

    One habit I’m forming is to meditate daily AND twice a day. I would forget about pushing myself to sit exactly at 6.00 am and at 6.00 pm (which will never happen, knowing me). So I just the divide the day into two: AM and PM. So here’s a second suggestion, please make it possible then to have a choice as to when to do a habit – either AM or PM; or AM and PM. That’s it!

    Oops, one other minor request: include an edit button to enable reordering of habits. Currently the habits are ordered according to what a user adds first. For instance, on a given day, I would start with a meditation, then journaling, then playing guitar… It just works better to have these ordered in the desired sequence.

    I think that’s about all the complexity Habits needs to keep it simple.

    • someone

      i have used habit for a while now too, with good effect, and i agree with everything you have said. I hope the changes take place!

  • loumf

    I just put Habits on sale for $.99 until the end of January. I updated the FreshApps listing, but it may take a day or two.

  • loumf

    Thanks for the comment — I am definitely working on some flexibility in picking repeat times. I am trying to balance that with how easy it is to use — I didn’t want complex screens.

    Right now I am working on putting more information on the home screen to make it easier to see what you are supposed to do (and how long you have to do it).

  • shaun


    Downloaded habits a few days ago, great application. I can see you have made this app to allow for flexibility to tasks or habits however this flexibility has not been transferred to habit time line! Is it possible to have more independent choice in the time selection for each habit over the preset periods. In doing so it will the app to be more widely downloaded as users are not confined to the time lines predetermined for them allowing that additional flexibility to this outstanding app.
    The ‘repeat’ section within the ‘Todo List’ app is a great example of such flexibility.
    Regards, Shaun

  • loumf

    No, you cannot store steps for a habit, nor a time of day. It’s meant to be looser than that. In Habits — a habit is a single thing you want to repeat (e.g. clean around the house) regularly, but not at an exact time. Habits reminds you to do it as often as you told it to, and keeps track of how well you have done.

  • shic1103

    I’m a big GTD’er
    I have habits and virtues I wish to develop.
    You’re right – putting these in my calendar just jumbles it up.

    With Habits, can you store a short list of steps for a particular habit to be effective, along with a time of day that the final step must be complete and the approximate amount of time each step SHOULD take? You know what I mean?

  • loumf

    Hi, I'm the author — if you have any questions — would be happy to answer them.

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