How to: Write iPhone App Reviews

How to: Write iPhone App Reviews

February 9th, 2009 by

Hey there! We would like to welcome you to the freshapps team! You are part of an elite group of reviews and authors that have decided to take the leap and write some reviews for Fresh Apps. We are excited that you are up for the challenge! There is a lot in store for you, you can gain some great recognition as an iPhone App reviewer and as an author/writer, and your reviews could be read by thousands! We will give you your individual author page that will tell a little about you, a link to your website, a picture of you, and of course all of your reviews!

The following is a guide to help you when reviewing iPhone Apps for There are a couple of things to keep in mind when reviewing apps and to get you started on the right foot. So without further ado, here are the areas we are going to cover.

  • Logging into as an author
  • Preparing and completing your profile
  • Writing your Review: Adding FreshApps specific settings (Important!)

Overall, this should be a pretty quick “How to”, but make sure to follow all directions, so that you do not risk being bumped as an author. Here are the steps for reviewing an iPhone app on

Step 1: Logging into as an author:

Once you have become an author, your going to notice that you “my-apps” page looks weird. Don’t worry, that is why you have a separate username for your author profile, than from your Fresh Apps normal user profile. Don’t be alarmed, you are the only person who can see this defunct looking page.

Navigate to: – to log into the wordpress admin panel so that you can author a new review.


Step 2: Preparing and completing your profile:

Once logged in and inside the admin panel, look to the top right, and click on your name. This will take you to the admin panel. The following fields are the fields that need to be updated, as we use them for your profile.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nick Name
  • Display Name – Make sure to customize this, as we use it the most!
  • E-mail – This is for contact purposes, we will never display your e-mail address
  • Website – This is the site we will link to from your author page
  • Biographical Info – Please write a paragraph about yourself. No html, and no line breaks, so literally, keep it to one paragraph.

Updating your author profile image: When upadating your image, keep in mind the e-mail address that is associated with your author account, then head on over to Log-into the gravatar account with your e-mail address, or set-up a new account if needed. The rest is self explanatroy, but make sure that the image you choose is at least 150×150. We use a rather large image on your author profile page, so make sure it will fit the dimensions. All you have to do is add the image, it will automatically resize it for you.

Navigate to the Write Post Page of WordPress: In your browser, go to  The screen should look something like this:


Step 3: Writing your Review: Adding FreshApps specific settings (Important!)

Ok, now there are a couple of important things to remember when writing a review on Fresh Apps. Here is the short list, then we will go into detail.

  • Choosing a Title
  • Choosing the Category
  • Uploading Images
  • Creating the “Featured Image” that is displayed next to the title of the review
  • Adding Tags: Important! This is how we link it to the actual app
  • Styling you review
  • What NOT to do

I know it can be a little burdensome, but please read through this entire area. That way the reviews can look uniform and professional.

Step 1: Choosing a Title: This is a very important part. We want to give you the freedom of writing a review for 1 to 100 apps and compare, review, contrast, scrutinize them to your hearts desire. With that said, the title is the most important part. If it is a review of just one app, please append “iPhone App Review:” to the front of the app name. That way it is very self explanatory and super search engine optimized. For example, if I want to review the app Tap Defense, I would make the title “iPhone App Review: Tap Defense”. Some people may say that this may limit us to reviewing single apps to only one review, but that is not true. We can except as many single reviews for an app as you would like. With that said, the BETTER reviews are the comparisons of 2 or more apps. If it is a review of a certain part of an app, like an update or a given feature of an app, make sure to reflect that in the title. For example, if I am going to review the update to Evernote, I would name the app “iPhone App Review: Evernote, Update 2.0.1”.

When writing reviews that compare two or more apps, there is no need to keep iPhone App Review in the title. Instead, choose the theme of the apps. For example, if I am going to review the best free todo list apps, then the category would be GTD (Getting Things Done), so the title would be, “Comparing the Best Free GTD (Getting Thing Done) Apps for the iPhone”.  You get the idea…

categories1Step 2: Choosing the Category: This is very simple. In the far right column, there is a categories area. Select the “iPhone App Reviews” category.

Step 3: Uploading Images: This is a pretty straightforward process if you have used WordPress before. If you have not, or are not to familiar with wordpress, I would reccommend reading the following WordPress Overview (New Window). A couple things to note for images. There are 4 different sizes of images when inserting them into the post:

  • Thumbnail – Same size as featured image 200×200 Will be cropped to fit.
  • Medium – Width of 300, will not be cropped so height is dynamic.
  • Large – Width of 631 witch is the max width of the review area, will not be cropped so height is dynamic.
  • Full Size – Do not use. Only link to Full Size.


Step 4: Creating the “Featured Image” that is displayed next to the title of the review: Half of what makes a review readable and easy on the eyes, are the images in the review. Images are VERY important. Do you see the image 200×200 that is by the title of this post? Well, I am going to teach you how to add that.

  • First, create your 200×200 image. If you want great iPhone GUI stuff to use while reviewing an app, just go download the iPhone Gui here.
  • Then once the image is created, then click on the Upload/Insert Image button above the WYSIWYG area. Upload the image.
  • Once the image is uploaded, you can then copy the path that was created for the image.
  • Save and close that area without inserting the image into your post.
  • Under the WYSIWYG area, there is a “Custom Fields” area. Click on the drop down menu -> featured_img_200x200
  • In the Value field, paste the path to your image that was just uploaded.
  • Save, then that is it! Your new image will be shown next to your title.

tagsStep 5: Adding Tags: Important! This is how we link it to the actual app: This step is very important! Because the only way that we can link to your review from the actual app page, is through tags. Tags in this case, are not what you normally understand as tags. We had to semi-hack wordpress in order to get it to work for us. So now, tags are going to be used as entering the titles for the apps which you review. So here is what you need to do when reviewing apps regarding the tags.

  1. Before you do anything, add a tag called “Review”. It IS case sensitive, so make sure to add the tag “Review”. This ensures that it is in the review category.
  2. Add the title of each app that you are reviewing, EXACTLY as it appears on Ex: If you are reviewing the app “remember the milk”, that will not work. It IS case sensitive! So make sure it is “Remember The Milk”. Also, make sure to add the title of the app for every app that is reviewed.

If you follow those 2 steps, then once you review is published, it will be dynamically linked with every app that you reviewed. Remember, you can always edit your own posts, so don’t be afraid of some trial and error.

Step 6: Styling you review: We want your reviews to look AMAZING! So we will be adding another post that will be just examples of styles, what they look like, and how to use them. Check back soon for updates to this area.

Step 7: What NOT to do: If it was not defined in here for you to mess with, please do not mess with it. There are lots of other plugins that you can manage via a post when you are writing and publishing it, but please do not play with them, they may only get people ticked off and your status moved back to user instead of author.


I know this is a lot to take in, but really, we are here to help. So if you ever have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to shoot us an e-mail @ We want you to be a successfull reviewer!


  • Once you have sucessfully posted 5 reviews, we will buy the apps for you to review paid apps!
  • We will have competitions between the reviewrs on whose reviews get the most comments etc. The winners will be given some cool prizes. As the amount of reviewers grows, so will the prizes.

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