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iPhone App Review: Auto Ringtone Updated

iPhone App Review: Auto Ringtone Updated

November 19th, 2009 by

I had the opportunity to review the app called Auto Ringtone. This is brought to you by the same creators of 100sounds app. This app is a program that will translate text to speech. It offers several different voices to change the appeal to different customers. You simply type your name and the name of the person potentially calling and it turns it into a custom message for you to use as a ringtone.

Auto Ringtone Pros:

The pros of Auto Ringtone are that it provides a way to customize your entire cell phone contacts list. You can designate the ringtone to anyone in your contacts list and when the person calls it will tell you who is calling before you even take the time to look at your caller ID. Auto Ringtone also give you the ability to preview the ringtone before transferring it to your device and change the voice to your preference.

Auto Ringtone Cons:

screenshot_302This app has some cons. The voices all sound a little to computer generated to me. In the future this app could use a selection of more “human” sounding voices. This app only has one message that it allows you to use. A wider selection of messages to customize would be a nice thing to see in the future of this app.

Over all I liked this app. It provides a good way to know whether or not to answer your phone at odd times in the night. This app is well worth the money.

Updated Review:

Not long after I reviewed this app, the creator released an updated version that addresses the problems that I had with the app. Now, they did not fix them because of what I wrote but it is eerie how much of my mind they read! This app is becoming, if not already became, a picture of its full potential. The new version allows the user to create a customizable message and they are adding a new set voices.

I cannot think of any cons with the new update. This offers a lot of customization and I’m not sure that you can ask anything more of an app like this. Wait! Hold the phone! They have out done even what I found useful for this app. You can set the message to alarms. You can now have a verbal reminder of important appointments, pep talk to get out of bed, a reminder of your spouses birthday, or what ever you need. Well done app.

– Neat Concept
– Functions Great
– Preview option


I give this app a solid 10/10 for a good concept and great functionality. It’s also fun to hear what your name sounds like in a robot voice. Updates satisfy all prior concerns. Good app.


  • NoTie

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a major update to AutoRingtone PRO

    Now, you can use 100+ sound FX from our 100sounds app as an introduction before your custom text is spoken!

    The possibilities are limited only by your imagination! Use ‘BIG BEN’ and a British voice to say ‘It is time for tea’!

    We also enhanced the usability… We made the conversion/playback much faster, and it’s a one step process. You can also preview all sound FX and voices before creating your ringtone!

    AutoRingtone PRO is on sale right now, and a great bargain for unlimited custom ringtones!

  • Zach

    Todd, I have seen the update and am exited to see this great app being developed to reflect its potential. I will be doing an update to this review and it will include the new features. I must have reviewed it a matter of days before the new version came out and it seems that many of the issues that I had with the app were addressed. That's awesome! Good luck to you.

  • @toddbernhard

    Hey, thanks for the great review of AutoRingone PRO!

    It looks like you reviewed the 1.0 version. The latest update, approved Nov 17, added the option for completely customizable messages, in Manual mode! This is good because you can have ringtones like "Zach, your boss is calling. DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE!" Plus, because the iPhone can use ringtones as alarm clock alerts, you can have "Todd, it's time to take your medicine."

    And we plan to add more voices over time. You can preview the app and hear some quality voices (I like the British ones) at

    Thanks again!

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