iPhone App Review: Absolute Instant

iPhone App Review: Absolute Instant

June 24th, 2011 by

Title that kind of barely makes sense? Check. Ridiculous amounts of bullets and enemies on the screen at the same time? Check! Absolute Instant from developer Mobili Studio takes everything you would expect from the bullet hell shooter genre and adds an extra dimension of gameplay only possible on a touchscreen device: the ability to teleport anywhere on the screen.

Absolute Instant has three difficulty levels, two choices of characters whose ships feature different weapon capabilities, and five stages of unique gameplay that each end in a dual-stage boss battle. Toss in over 30 different enemy types, magical enemy attacks, and a black hole bomb like no other and you have the makings of a pretty fantastic shooter.

How It Works

After watching or skipping a short story intro segment, you can choose your difficulty level and character. “Liz” has a ship with more direct fire and missiles that seek out enemies, while “Judas” has a spread-fire pattern. The game has no real save feature, but the stages are short and once you’ve beaten a stage you can skip it when starting a new game.

Your HUD shows your ship’s health, how many bombs you’re carrying, and energy left to complete teleportation. The teleports recharge slowly, but health and bombs can only increase by picking up power-ups dropped from destroyed enemies.

Firing is done automatically, and you move your ship around by simply dragging your finger. Tapping on the screen with teleport your ship to that spot instantly, at the cost of some teleport energy. You can get several of these maneuvers done before your tank runs dry, and it recharges fairly quickly. Shaking the device drops a black hole bomb, which sucks in all enemy bullets and even some of the smaller enemies. You only have one ship per game, but get ten continues.

Pros And Cons

Absolute Instant is a great example of designing from the ground-up for an iPhone. By integrating the touch screen for teleportation and using the shake feature to drop a bomb, the developers have managed to completely remove control interface elements from the game. This allows them to use the full screen to show off the stunning visuals.

Graphics in the game are fantastic. Every one of the 30+ ships is unique in appearance and attack style, including the final boss at the end of each stage. While the run-up to each boss is fairly easy in “normal” difficulty mode, the bosses themselves are suitable difficult and will force you to use a few continues in order to beat them.

The sound effects are well-done, and the music is so well-suited to the gameplay that I didn’t even look for the option to turn it off (which is usually my first stop when playing a new iPhone game).

The only shortcoming of Absolute Instant is… well, it’s short. The five stages can be completed in about five minutes each, if that, which means you’ll be done playing the game in a day if you only minimally apply yourself. At the current sale price of $0.99 that’s not so bad, but at their previous sticker price of $1.99 some may find that too little gameplay for too much money.


Absolute Instant is a terrific, if short, bullet hell shooter with some unique elements for the genre and great graphics and sound. It’s currently on sale until July 31 for $0.99, so if you’re in the mood for a shooter then you should give this a look.

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