iPhone App Review: Doodle Jump

iPhone App Review: Doodle Jump

January 20th, 2010 by

Doodle Jump is a simple and addictive game. Its another leveling up game, jumping from block to block, but in a very creative and tricky way.

The atmosphere:

The developers of this application do not try to hide the fact that this game is not trying to be realistic. They purposely give the user a feeling of playing in a fictional arena with cute little doodle drawings (graphing paper drawings). This concept of fantasy gives a relatively new user the fun of not knowing what is coming for them, giving the user quite a challenge. Even the older vets have trouble with the changing scheme of its neat features. Although the Artificial Intelligence in this game is advanced and has many different scenarios from game to game, one can eventually recognize a specific scenario layout if played enough (and you will probably play it many times).

Unpredictable atmosphere to the untrained eye (Pro).


The controls of this game are fun and easy. You can tilt the iphone/itouch to the right or left depending on the direction you want to head in (It is not inverse, so right means right vis versus). The character automatically jumps, making it easy to focus just on moving right to left. The only other control is tapping the screen to shoot ‘ Doodle monsters’ away from your path.

No Headache required. (pro)

Neat Features:

This game really does pride itself on its creative little fictional doodles. It presents opportunities from time to time to pass many green blocks, and false broken brown blocks by jumping on a jet pack, (which also rockets your points) helicopter hat, (ditto) spring, or trampoline. Some blocks disappear once jumped on, other blow up on their own, giving the user a sense of urgency. Sometimes you fall through a rip n the graphing paper, or bonk your head on a Doodle Monster (if you do not get the shield to protect yourself first).

Fun Features (pro).


This game is of course extremely addicting, just as the developers intended. With every block that the user rises, the higher he sees his score go. Although, after every time the user falls into a rip in the paper, or gets bonked on the head by a monster, the reaction is almost always the same, “I got to beat my old best score”, and hours go by in attempts to beat the last score. The AI is set up in a way to begin out pretty much the same way as the previous game, giving the user a perception of being able to learn from his past mistakes, but the scenario layout has actually changed vastly, from where the sturdy blocks are, to where the fake and moving ones are. The user will continue to play this game until he passes out, or his iphone/itouch dies because the game never ends.

Rehabilitation required. (pro/con).


Doodle Jump is a great game to buy at a cheap $0.99 cost, and to pass your time with an entertaining fictional game, while waiting in the doctors.

9/10 rating.

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