iPad App Review: The World Clock Free

iPad App Review: The World Clock Free

August 5th, 2012 by

For those who travel for business or pleasure, or who simply deal with people stationed all over the world, a world time app is a critical tool in the iOS user’s toolbox. Developer Andrei Kolev has created a free world clock app, called naturally enough The World Clock Free, for iPad. It is an ad-driven Retina-capable world clock app that has tons of useful features for the man or woman that does business with people all over the world.

How It Works

At launch the app includes a few standard default cities: Los Angeles, New York, and London. The main screen is a day/night map of the world that has your selected cities highlighted on the map, with the bottom half of the screen showing analog-style clocks with the cities’ time. One nice feature of this screen that isn’t obvious is that you can scroll the day/night map with your finger in order to quickly do a time conversion. The time is automatically synced to a time server at a set interval that can be adjusted through the app’s settings.

The World Clock Free is actually packed with screens, settings, and features, so I’ll just list a few of the prominent ones here:

  • Meeting invitations: send an email with a table that lists the scheduled meeting time for several different times zones.
  • Display 1 to 4 clocks on the main screen at once (full version does 24).
  • Tap on each clock for the info button, which shows a screen full of details about the chosen time zone.
  • 2 clock designs for display: analog and digital. The full version has 9.
  • Huge database of over 192,000 populated areas.
  • Tons more…

Pros and Cons

The app overall is well-designed and fully-featured, including everything you would expect from a world-time app but much more. Let’s face it, iOS includes its own Clock app that lets you add cities to the list, so anything in the App Store needs to kick it up a notch. The World Clock Free does that.

My favorite things about the app are its marquee features: the scrollable time window and the meeting invitation email. Just having the ability to pick a few time zones and have the app generate a nicely-formatted and easy-to-understand table giving the attendees the meeting time is great. Not everyone sits in their cubicle with Outlook or Lotus running in the background, ready to chew up and spit out meeting invitations and auto-convert the times for you. Just this week this app would have saved me three back-and-forth emails with someone across the country from me… “Can we meet 3 my time?”, “That would be 5 my time, right?”, ‘Okay, sound good, send me an invite.”

The World Clock Free has the overall polish of an amazing effort by a single developer, which means that it is mostly polished but has a few minor quirks. For instance, on the “Target Time” screen on my iPad, the AM/PM indicator on the time spinner is mostly cut off. This might be a side-effect of my iPad not having Retina graphics, or it might just be one of those weird issues that comes up when you rotate an app a few times too many. It’s not a big deal, it’s just one of those weird things and besides, it’s a free app.


The World Clock Free is, despite a couple minor blemishes, a beautifully-designed world clock app that tosses in a few killer features that might just make it indispensable after you’ve tried it out for a few days. The free version is available now for iPad only, while the premium version is available as a Universal app.

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