iPhone App Review: Alien Equation

iPhone App Review: Alien Equation

March 24th, 2010 by

Alien Equation by Funner Labs is a unique twist on a familiar game play concept that employs beautiful, seamless graphics in a puzzle game that manages to exercise both halves of your brain.

Check out my mad negative number skills.

The Basics

The basic concept in Alien Equation will be familiar to players of Bejeweled and match-three style games. The difference in this game is that instead of tapping and swapping to try and match color or gems, you’re sliding the rows in the puzzle to put together valid mathematical equations in an attempt to remove all of the mathematical operators (the plus, minus, division, and multiplication symbols). Exciting stuff, I know, but the Funner Labs pulls it off with a beautiful interface and sounds that help immerse you in the world of the game.

After a few levels of tutorial that gradually introduce each operator (along with the inevitable elements working against you, the sticky flu and the parasite) you are cast into higher levels of increasing speed, size, and difficulty.


The game is very well designed and features nice graphical touches that enhance the experience, both from a game play standpoint and a practical one. Having the battery indicator and a clock included within the game, for instance, is a very welcome touch, since the game itself removes your standard iPhone status bar.

Alien Equation also includes a practice mode that allows you to single out specific mathematical operators for practice within the game. This mode would be very suitable for younger players looking for a more entertaining way to practice basic math skills, without the frenetic pace of the higher difficulty levels and threat of an alien parasite ending the game.

The developers also claim that the game remembers the equations made within each player’s profile, allowing the game to tailor its difficulty to each player. I wasn’t sure if this feature really worked or not, it’s a tough one to gauge, but it sounds like a great idea if it works.

Got a touch of the sticky flu here.

My absolute favorite thing about the game is how it manages to recognize any valid equation, even one with expressions on both sides of the equals sign. While the tutorial tells you to stick to division problems without remainders (since there are only whole numbers in the game), you can have remaindered division problems that match on both sides (for instance, “1 / 2 = 2 / 4”).


The game has a great tutorial, but once those levels are done there ceases to be any new or interesting elements added to the game. The game gets faster and more challenging but not necessarily more interesting, it just gets a bit repetitive.

Take this criticism for what it’s worth though, the same can probably be said of any top-selling puzzle game, maybe I just played for too long at one sitting and got burned out?

Bottom Line

All in all, Alien Equation is a great puzzle game with a unique educational twist. Sort of a cross between Sudoku and Bejeweled, it will keep you frantically creating ever more complex mathematical equations for hours on end.

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