iPhone App Review: Beaver’s Revenge

iPhone App Review: Beaver’s Revenge

September 8th, 2011 by

Parabolic destruction has hit a new high with developer Twisted Games new app, Beaver’s Revenge. Using the famously powerful beaver tail, you launch a variety of woodland critters toward the evil lumberjacks that are trying to destroy your forest homes. With 3-D graphics, a variety of different projectile attacks, and dozens of levels to play through, Beaver’s Revenge promises to deliver hours upon hours of destructive fun.

How It Works

The game works similarly to other games in its genre, and will seem familiar and intuitive to anyone that’s played similar titles. There are lumberjacks over there, and there’s a beaver over here, and the beaver launches projectiles to try and destroy the lumberjacks. Each projectile is represented by a woodland critter, such as rabbits, fish, a beehive, etc. And each critter has a different ability. The fish fly straight and true, the rabbit drops a “bomb” when tapped during flight, and the beehive explodes. There’s even a skunk that uses its unique attributes to propel itself towards your finger taps while in flight, letting you guide it up to three times in different directions.

The unique twist that this game has is the ability to select which critter you want to attack with: while you still have a limited number of each type of projectile, you can choose which order to fire them in, giving the game a more strategic element.

Pros And Cons

Beaver’s Revenge is similar enough to other games of its type to be easy to pick up and play, but offers a distinctive enough art and gameplay style to make it worth trying out. The 3-D artwork is lush and beautiful, with a detailed background and foreground elements that move when you drag your view around the landscape, simulating a parallax view effect. The ability to choose your projectile is a great addition to the gameplay, giving Beaver’s Revenge a strategic consideration that other games of its type lack. The levels get suitably more difficult and more interesting as you progress through the game, and the developer promises more levels to come.

One other great touch is how it is possible to recreate with 100% accuracy a prior shot, due to the way the beaver’s tail is outlined after you release. Instead of trying to line up a slingshot with the trajectory line of your last launch, you just line up the actual tail with the outline of the prior tail, giving you 100%  accuracy and eliminating the trial-and-error approach that is source of frustration (at least for me) in other apps of this type.

My favorite level is one that introduced a dynamic building element to your obstacles. The loggers have a machine that builds, you know, logs. There is not only a giant metal blade-looking thing moving up and down that obstructs your shots, but the longer you wait the higher and higher the pile of lumber grows, also making it harder for you to hit anything. It’s a nice change from the static levels and an unexpected challenge.

The only drawback to the fancy and gorgeous 3-D graphics is that the game performance seems to take a slight hit, at least on my device (iPhone 4). The gameplay itself was actually totally unaffected, but dragging around the level to get a better look at the layout seemed a bit sluggish and laggy. Again, aiming and firing the critters wasn’t ever an issue but I just felt a slight “drag” when trying to move around in the app.


Beaver’s Revenge is a fun, fast-paced, and attractive take on the “Crush The Castle”-style of game. It sets itself apart from the rest of the pack with unique graphics and some gameplay twists that add to the experience without trying to reinvent the wheel.

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