iPhone App Review: BreakThrough App

iPhone App Review: BreakThrough App

November 3rd, 2011 by

Creating a to-do list app is probably pretty easy: you make some lists, associate some things with some dates, maybe toss in some tags and categories (or if you’re really fancy you call them “contexts”), and you’ve got yourself a winner. What most of these apps miss, at least according to one developer, is in connecting your list of tasks to your goals and dreams in life as a whole. This is where BreakThrough App comes in.

This app is described as more than just a to-do list. It’s a goal-setting app that is intended to align the things you do everyday with specific and defined goals. This is not a new concept in and of itself, but I will agree that most to-do list apps for iPhone make no mention of goals, the most they do is let you organize a set of tasks into a “project”.

How It Works

The app is structured like most other list apps: you have a set of basic folders into which you can dump your items. Created tasks can be associated with different contexts, goals, projects, and what-have-you. Where BreakThrough App really diverges from the rest of the packs is in its emphasis on goals.

There is a dedicated button on the main screen for accessing your customized “dream board”, a place where you put photos of things that you want to achieve, or of things that inspire you or drive you to success. Across from that button is another that links directly to your list of goals, including a custom header into which you can type anything that inspires you (mine: “Be Awesome!”). The app has nice little inspirational touches too, like random quotes at the bottom of the main screen, a quick search function, and a “+” button on every screen for quick entry of new items. The app also syncs with its own online service, allowing you to carry your entire “goal plan” with you from device to device.

Pros And Cons

I found BreakThrough App to be fun to explore. It has lots of features and functionality, letting you organize and create your own to-do list system while keeping you focused on the truly important things you need to get accomplished. It’s a great idea to make your task list more than just a task list, since it’s so easy in our daily lives to get focused on what we need to do right at this very moment, and lose sight of what we’re actually striving for in the larger scheme of things.

The app itself is a bit convoluted in terms of organization. I found myself wondering often where that task I just created actually went to, then tapping around in the app trying to find it to be sure it was somewhere. That’s to be expected in any new system that you’re not accustomed to using, but overall it’s a bit tricky knowing where your tasks are to be found once you create them. There is always of course the search feature, which works well, and you can simply tap on the date at the top of any screen in order to be brought back to the home screen.


BreakThrough App is a fascinating new way to think about tasks and goals, pairing the two together in such a way that you are forced to really consider each item you put on your plate, and whether or not it is relevant to your life’s dreams at the moment. While none of the ideas are new or groundbreaking, they are fairly rare in the App Store and this app is a great way to use your to-do list as a self-improvement list.

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