iPhone App Review: Caribbean Racing

iPhone App Review: Caribbean Racing

March 23rd, 2010 by

Caribbean Racing is a real sailing regatta for iPhone and iTouch. Caribbean racing brings worldwide competition trough online high score ranking. Each race has changing weather conditions, animated sea, etc. While playing user has full boat control.

The Atmosphere:

Caribbean Racing : sailingCaribbean Racing : sailing

The application itself is interesting, and really does give the user a sense of being down in the Caribbean and sailing on the open tropic waters. The application has great Caribbean music, and great graphics. The course that is being raced at the time always has the direction of the wind (signaled by small arrows). Appealing to the avid sailor, the artificial intelligence is unique in the fact that it is pretty unpredictable. The sailing locations also give a sense of realism that many other applications are just not able to offer. The application also offers motivation by taking real pictures of people sailing and putting them into a gallery for the user to view. Personally, I liked the fact that there is an announcer narrating the buoys left, and final lap. Before starting any race, realistic statistics are given such as length, difficulty (which can be changed), and buoys to loop around, along with your previous best time to beat.

Atmosphere: Next best thing to the real thing. (pro)


Caribbean Racing : sailingThe controls are especially important in a racing game, as it takes skill to work these controls. The two most important controls on this application are the rope and tilt controls. The rope can be pulled either towards yourself or away, depending on which way will catch the most wind in the sail. If a user is familiar with sailing, they would understand that the sails shift depending on the moving of the ropes. The other would be tilting the iTouch or iPhone upwards or downwards. As many applications have this feature, it gives the user an easy and second nature feeling to sailing the boat. Users can also change the sensitivity depending on preference.

Controls: Tutorial recommended, not required. (Pro)

Neat Features:

Now this app has some pretty nice features for a sailor. A few being the speed indicator, time indicator, and lap indicator. While racing there is also a compass that points in the right direction of the buoy, and gives the meters. Learning how to sail also means knowing what is required to know before sailing. This application (as stated in the atmosphere) gives you the length of the course, and number of buoys to lap around. Although the application would be far more enjoyable if the users could play against other real live sailors (it does allow the users to compare scores with other users). Luckily the developing firm has indicated that the multi-player feature will be available soon.

Neat Features: Its got what a beginner and novice sailor needs.


Caribbean Racing has some good addictive aspects to it. The biggest one is clearly trying to beat your previous time and getting ranked. As various applications try to emulate this addictive property with highest points, I do not see any normal user (A user that has never sailed or is not trying to learn sailing) coming back to this application as often as some other addictive apps. The reason, the races take a bit too long and drag out for someone who doesn’t actually understand sailing. It can get monotonous to just sail around a buoy about five times. Sure this application would be good for the doctors room, but not the type of application that a user will go out of his way to use, unless he’s trying to prepare for a race in his spare time.

Addictometer: Non-habit forming


Caribbean racing certainly has more pros than cons. The application is simply directed towards a specific niche. If you have an eye for sailing, or water sports, then this is the app for you.

Rating 8.5/10

“Worth giving it a whirl”

Additional information:

Caribbean Racing includes:
– 9 Caribbean sailing locations
– sport sailboat simulator
– 2 game views: aerial and map
– challenging weather conditions, wind shifts, wind gusts
– accelerometer control
– beautiful animated sea
– KOS Picture Source sailing pictures
– learn how to sail.

ore new features are to come, f.e. one 2 one match racing.

Introduction weekend price $0.99
Now: 66% OFF
version: 1.1



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