iPhone App Review: COD Zombies

iPhone App Review: COD Zombies

January 22nd, 2010 by

COD Zombies is all about staying alive for as long as possible via absolute carnage.


If you have played the original zombie game on Xbox 360’s World at War, the application is the excact same scenery. If you have not played the video game version, your playing in a battered bunker during the second world war. First thing you will see is lots of cement, dark colors, thick mist and basically something out of a cliche horror film.  The zombies themselves are actually pretty scary looking, with startling screeches of the coming destruction. The defense from the unlimited zombie horde is a rather large selection of world war II era guns, including fully automatics and a flame thrower to name a few. All in all, the game tries to get you into the mind set that you are truly trying to fight for your own life!

Atmosphere: I forgot, its just a game! (Pro)


This is where the game requires skills. The developing team put in a virtual analog stick, that sits on the left side of the screen. You can use your thumb on this analog stick to move forward, back, right, and left. Then another thumb sits on the screen (which can block your vision) to aim and turn around. Sounds confusing but with enough practice in the tutorial and a few changes in the options list such as sensitivity, skill begins building up. After mastering that learning curve, everything is much more simple, just tap each icon to make it perform the function. I.E, tap the weapon icon to reload, tap the icon grenade to throw a grenade, you get the idea.

Controls: Tutorial recommended (con)

Neat Features:

Coming from an extensive Zombie player background myself, with thousands of hours logged online, I can say that there are many great features in this application and I wouldn’t be able to cover all of them in this review. But the most important ones would have to be,

– Mystery Box: A box that costs points to get any weapon in the game (including the best and most sought after alien gun)

– Opening Doors: By these doors being closed, one can make a great strategy to lasting many levels.

-Rebuilding windows: This feature allows you to delay the zombie horde’s advancements.

Although, even these are all neat features, some do come at a price…literally. The box costs money, which compromises your ability to open doors and escape when need be.

Neat Feats: All the Tools for a chess player (pro)


Now unless you have already played the video game version of this, allow me to warn you now. This game is as addicting to a gamer as it gets. As many developers implement into their games, they allow the users to reach new and high levels with every attempt (There is no last level it continues infinitely). This means that every time you die, you believe that you have learned something that will help you get higher in the next game. But even though the AI in this game is rather set and straight forward, the zombies speed up as the levels progress. Meaning that its almost impossible to really gauge how fast to move away from them as you get caught up in the game. Coming from a veteran of this game on the application and video game platforms, you can lose two full days of your life playing this game, especially when playing online with others (which the application allows).

Addictometer: Rehabilitation Required.

Rating: 8/10

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