iPhone App Review: Cosmica

iPhone App Review: Cosmica

July 2nd, 2012 by

Finger-drawn maze games are nothing new, but they are a perfect fit for the iOS platform. Qualities that are always welcome in a game are high production values, good graphics, atmospheric music, and a challenging gaming experience. That would seem to be something that developers Tazoo Co believe as well, as their new game Cosmica has all of that in spades.

How It Works

Pardon the cliche, but Cosmica is simple to learn but takes practice to master. You start off by dragging you finger around the screen, as the universe scrolls by automatically. You must get from “Start” to “Finish” while avoiding obstacles and passing through gates. As I mentioned, the overall movement of the level is done automatically, so as the obstacles scroll downwards you must move your finger around the screen to avoid certain things while picking up other things, and you don’t have the option of going back down to do something you might have missed.

When you go through all three “lives” you are treated to a 3D isometric view of the game board before being shown your stats and asked if you would like to retry. The levels get progressively harder and give your finger or stylus a more strenuous workout as the difficulty increases.

Pros And Cons

The game overall is great, if you’re into these sorts of games. I guess if you hate mazes then there isn’t much that can be said to sway you, is there?

The music in particular is beautiful and enchanting, setting a perfect counterpoint to the graphical style and overall art direction. All of the choices in making this game were clearly thought through. For instance, it’s a bit tricky to see your “Milky” (the object you drag around) since your fat finger is covering it up, so the Milky has an energy trail that helps you better lock on its exact positing under your digit.

The mazes themselves get devious, even as early as on the fifth level (which you can play through for free). There are gates to pass your Milky through (think slalom skiing), but they sometimes point in the direction of a dead-end that you then have to back yourself out of, before the exit scrolls off the bottom of the screen. The game gets harder as you advance, but never gets frustrating. You don’t feel like you’re NEVER going to pass any given level, you just need to try again and get it right.


Cosmica is a terrific maze game that fires on all cylinders, from graphics to sound to control and difficulty. Cosmica features over 27 levels, all of which are available for only $0.99, which is a great bargain considering the time and attention to detail that went into the production of the game. If you’re still not sold you can try out the first five levels for free.

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