iPhone App Review: Gravity Force

iPhone App Review: Gravity Force

April 8th, 2012 by

If you remember those little party favors consisting of a small plastic maze with a tiny metal ball, then you already get the gist of Gravity Force by Siemens AG. It’s a free skill game where you must guide a ball through a series of mazes to a small cup at the bottom. There are three levels of difficulty (representing the different forces of gravity on Earth, Moon, and Jupiter), as well as a section of Siemens science videos for more science fun.

How It Works

The game itself is simple to learn, but with each level of difficulty comes a new challenge. On the Earth levels you simply guide the ball through tilting your device to the cup at the bottom of the maze. There are moving and rotating obstacles as well as bouncy pinball-like bumpers and goal cups of varying sizes. After you complete Earth, you go to the Moon.

The Moon mazes are mostly identical, with the small addition of “holes” in the sides and bottom where your ball can disappear and get lost. The gravity on the Moon is of course lighter, causing the ball to float around and require much more finer control than on the Earth levels.

Jupiter is even more tricky, with a force of gravity that causes your ball to smack almost instantly in any direction you tilt your device. In some ways it’s easier than having low gravity, at least until you overshoot the cup and have to tilt the ball back upwards again.

There is also a section accessible from the main menu featuring videos about science-related topics, such as creating a panda habitat or a piece on machines that can see inside the human body, all produced and provided by Siemens AG.

Pros And Cons

Gravity Force is a fun, simple game that has a back-door lesson on the different levels of gravity you might experience on heavenly bodies besides our own. It’s a good visceral representation of what it might be look to experience gravity somewhere else that goes beyond a simple “you’d be heavier on Jupiter”. The levels are short, with only 9 mazes per “planet”, but that’s just enough to present a fun challenge without being overly difficult or frustrating.

The videos within the app are short and interesting, though one that I viewed had music that was so loud it was hard to hear the narration. Besides the videos linked within the app itself is a link to a mobile site featuring science lessons centered around Disney’s Epcot Center, also as a partnership with Siemens.


The entire app is a fun, informative, and educational experience that starts with the game itself and continues onto the internet and into real life, with the science videos about Epcot Center. Gravity Force is not a chart-topping gaming experience, but it is not intended to be, and serves its role well as an educational game that follows-through with real science behind our everyday experiences.

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