iPhone App Review: Hyperlight

iPhone App Review: Hyperlight

April 22nd, 2011 by

If you’re the kind of person that’s been hoping for a game that resembles Geometry Wars but plays like Labyrinth, then Hyperlight from CatfishBlues Games may be just your ticket. Tilt your iOS device to guide your ship around the screen, avoiding bad guys and collecting powerups. You have no weapons per se, only the ability to travel faster than light and blast through any enemy. Don’t do it too much though; you have only a limited energy supply that diminishes when you go faster than light speed. You can recoup it by collecting power ups but the frequency of the enemies increases, making it more and more difficult to avoid them while collecting much-needed power.

How It Works

The game has two modes, Arcade and Infinite.

Arcade Mode is your more typical video game, starting at level one and taking you through stage after stage of baddies in increasing frequency and variety. Every few stages you even get the pleasure of dealing with a boss stage.

Infinite mode lets you jump right into the action and just go and go until you die. Infinite mode shows you a huge variety of enemies right from the start, giving you a sneak preview of what you haven’t already come across in Arcade Mode.

The developers promise more game modes to come in future updates.

The gameplay itself is simple: tilt your device to move, tilt more to move faster. Tilt far enough and you go faster than light, which will destroy any enemy you touch. Going at attack speed depletes your energy reserves, which can only be replenished by collecting energy power ups. There are other power ups in the game as well: explosions, laser blasts, and several others.

Pros And Cons

The graphics are stellar: the game is built on the Unity 3D engine, which sounds strange at first due to its being a 2D game, but the Unity engine allows the game to have some impressive effects and eye candy. The frame rates are smooth as silk on the latest devices, and the developers claim that 2nd gen iOS devices run it smoothly as well (I could not confirm this personally). The app is universal, so one purchase gets you the game for all of your iOS devices, and it has optimized Retina display graphics.

The sound is similarly impressive: great sound effects, sure, but the real standout feature is the music. It’s exciting and rhythmic, and compliments the gameplay nicely. When you look at the graphics of the game you know exactly what kind of music you want to hear, and the developers have delivered. Now, while I do love the music, it’s a shame that the developers didn’t seem to think that players may want to play their own music. Even with the game’s internal music turned off, you can’t turn on your own iPod app and rock your own tunes while you play.

A tilt-to-play game always has the potential to be a dicey affair: if the sensitivity is too high you end up flying wildly around the screen at the slightest tilt of the device, if it’s set too low you tilt the device so far in one direction that you can barely see the screen due to the harsh angle. CatfishBlues have hit the sweet spot with their tilt controls, giving you easy and precise control over the ship through tilt controls alone. There is even a calibration setting to select whether you’re playing with the device flat or at a slight angle.


Hyperlight is a great game currently, and has the promise to become even better with future updates and gameplay modes. It’s an exciting, adrenaline-pumping game that eschews traditional “shooter” gameplay and gets you involved in the action due to its visceral control method. I’d love to be able to listen to my own tunes while I play, but until then I’ll just keep trying to get past the “novice” stage… I don’t seem to be very good at it.

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