iPhone App Review: I Buzzed First!

iPhone App Review: I Buzzed First!

January 15th, 2012 by

I remember a home version of the popular game show Jeopardy! that I used to have as a kid. It was cheap plastic and cardboard, and instead of buzzers there were these little metal clickers that you’d press, and I guess whoever was playing Alex Trebek for that round would have to judge who clicked first. I don’t really remember since we only played once. If we’d had I Buzzed First! by Magic Hat Solutions (or more to the point, if iPhones had even been invented yet) then it might have lent a greater air of authenticity to the proceedings.

How It Works

I Buzzed First! lets you take several iOS devices connected to the same WiFi network and create a quiz master-and-player setup. Everyone needs a copy of the app on their device, and when you launch each time it asks you if you are the quiz master or a contestant. If you are the master, then you give your quiz a name. If you’re a contestant, then you give yourself a name and choose which quiz on the network to join. Once all players have joined the quiz, the quiz master starts the round.

You have to supply your own questions, answers, and prizes… basically you supply the entire game and this app supplies a foolproof method of determining who pressed their big red button first. Once a button is pressed on a contestant device, the name of that player pops up on the quiz master’s device. After you settle whether the question was answered correctly or not and determine it’s time to move on, the quiz master starts the next round and it all goes like that again.

Pros And Cons

I Buzzed First! is a fantastic “buzzer” app that lets you set up a simple quiz game framework, as long as you have a WiFi network and enough people with iPhones (and let’s face it, who doesn’t have an iPhone?). You can pick up any old copy of Trivial Pursuit and use those questions if you’d like, though it doesn’t really matter what questions you use as the app doesn’t care. All it does is manage buzzing between contestants, with a quiz master device to start new rounds.

It would be nice if the app started including more functionality with future updates, such as record-keeping and true round delineations, so that you could set rules like how many questions are in each round and how many total rounds, and have the app keep track. It’s easy enough to do that on your own, but why not roll some of that good stuff into this app as well and let it do all of the easy work (so you can focus on asking and answering the questions)?


I Buzzed First! is a great app for those who want to throw together a quick quiz game for the next party night at the OK Corral. It’s easy to set up, easy to understand, and makes creating a quiz game easy to do… as long as you already have some great questions.

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