iPhone App Review: Idiot Test – Way Too Funny!

iPhone App Review: Idiot Test – Way Too Funny!

November 13th, 2011 by

Lateral-thinking puzzles are far older than the App Store. I remember books of them stumping me and making me feel stupid decades ago. The new game from developer CreativeNose, Idiot Test – Way Too Funny!, takes lateral-thinking puzzles and updates them for the current generation of iOS devices. Featuring three difficulty levels with names like “Oh Dear!”, “Oh No!”, and “Oh Crap!”, Game Center achievements, and even a few short bonus rounds to test your patience after finishing the main game, it will surely test your intelligence as well as your sanity.

How It Works

Think carefully about this one...

There are three main levels, mentioned above in the opening paragraph. The difficulty obviously ramps up with each level, giving you greater and greater challenges within the same basic set of questions.

The questions you generally fall into a few basic categories:

  • Speed Challenges: do some task within a specific amount of time, though generally with a twist. For instance, if you have to tap a thing within a second after it appears on screen there will undoubtedly be some other thing popping up first to try and trip up your reflexes.
  • Thinking Challenges: no time limit that I could discern, just puzzles that require you to read carefully and use the clues you are given to find the answer, which is usually not as obvious as it seems (though sometimes it is, which makes it even more difficult).
  • Reflex Challenges: not necessarily based on speed, as there is no time limit, but you must complete a task that requires careful tapping and a watchful eye.

If you’ve played a WarioWare game on a Nintendo console, then you kind of get the idea what’s going on here, though the puzzles in Idiot Test tend to be more cerebral and less about picking a giant nose or chopping up a bloody rabbit or whatever happened in that game (it’s been awhile, I don’t really remember).

The game tracks the number of attempts made to finish each level, though you can reach checkpoints every few questions so you don’t always have to start from the beginning.

Pros And Cons

Idiot Test – Way Too Funny! is a great time-waster that tests you ability to think outside the box, or more to the point tests your ability to know whether or not you SHOULD be thinking outside the box. The graphics are pleasant and suitable to the tone and atmosphere of the app. The sounds are minimal but emphasize all the right actions and don’t get annoying or intrusive. The instructions for each challenge are generally clear, and while there are a few grammatical errors, thankfully none of them interfere with the meaning or intent of the particular challenge being presented.

The only drawback to the app is that there is no element of chance to any of the games. Every single challenge proceeds exactly the same each time you perform it. What this means is that if you lose every life and have to start back from the beginning, you can within seconds power through each question and get yourself back up to the last question that you have yet to successfully answer. Every answer will be the same, every image and tap-point will remain exactly where it was the first time you played through it. While this feature definitely reduces the frustration the 15th or 16th time you play through a series of questions, it would be nice to have a purely randomized set of questions and answers that can be played.

If you comparison shop for your idiot-testing apps, I’ve taken a look at the two other top apps in this category, The Moron Test and Stupidness 3.

While Stupidness 3 had overall the most polish and had some questions and answers that required serious mental gymnastics, there was a point where I clicked the correct answer but it didn’t register properly (I know it was correct because I used a hint to check). The one minor tap error was enough to shake my trust in the app as a whole, making me uncertain on future questions whether I was truly selecting the wrong answer or my taps were just not registering properly. Idiot Test – Way Too Funny never had this type of problem over the entire course of the game.

The Moron Test had strikingly similar questions to Idiot Test, so much so that they were basically the same types of questions wrapped in different graphics. Moron Test’s lack of a checkpoint feature means that you’ll wind up starting over from the beginning a lot more often than you will in Idiot Test. My vote goes to Idiot Test on this one, too.


Idiot Test – Way Too Funny! is a fun test of your out-of-the-box thinking skills, and at the low price of $0.99 offers a lot of enjoyment for yourself and others. It has very little replay value since all of the questions and answers remain  the same, but the developers have promised future updates with more tests and hopefully some different and harder questions. As it stands now it is well worth the time and money, and at a very young version 1.0 should deliver plenty more content in the future.

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