iPhone App Review: Jungle Games

iPhone App Review: Jungle Games

May 11th, 2011 by

Ahh, the match-three game. It feels like they’ve been around since the day I first turned on a computer, though since that computer was an IBM PC Jr., that hardly seems likely. For someone to have the audacity to publish a match-three game shows a lot of confidence in the final product being original and worth experiencing, sort of how when you call a movie Hot Tub Time Machine you better have the goods to back it up.

Jungle Games from developer Koordinauten GmbH is a match-three game with an original twist in both gameplay and graphics. In a fully immersive jungle environment (as immersive as the iPhone’s screen can possible be, anyway) you toss colorful patterned rings onto one of three posts. Match three in a row on the same post, or match three at the same level on three different posts, and they disappear. There are multiple difficulty levels for the standard untimed game, as well as two levels of “Panic” mode gameplay that gives you a limited time to play and adds time for each color match.

How It Works

My summary gives you the basic rundown, but there are other minor details to the game itself.In addition to the three target posts there is a trash can, where you can throw unwanted rings that don’t fit into your grand colorful scheme. There is also a “staging area” for the rings themselves, so that you can plan ahead to a certain degree (depending on the quality of your eyesight, that third ring down is very tiny). Once all three posts are completely filled up and you have no further place to throw any rings, the game is over.

Jungle Games also includes Game Center support and fourteen achievements.

Pros And Cons

While the game is a little rough around the edges, the overall gameplay experience is great. I won’t go into too much detail on the gameplay itself, since it’s a classic formula and one that I think most people either know that they like or know that they just don’t like. I’ll leave that decision up to you.

The graphics are 3D pre-rendered objects, including the jungles scenes, rings, and posts. The flicking action that tosses your ring onto a post is sensitive and flawless, rarely if ever causing you to drop your ring onto the wrong target.

The sounds and music are good if not particularly memorable, contributing to the atmosphere without being annoying. The game gets right what so many games get wrong, and it lets you play your own music while you play. It’s a simple thing to do but so many developers forget.

One touch that I noticed and wasn’t even really looking for is that each ring not only has a color, but a unique pattern. Color-blind individuals will have no trouble playing the same game as everyone else. The patterns are a thoughtful and welcome inclusion that does nothing to affect standard gameplay but ensures that a wider audience can enjoy the game.


Jungle Games is a fun and original match-three game that combines strategy and luck in the usual amounts for games of its genre, as well as adding in a slight physical element with the flicking of the rings. It’s a small thing but it adds that little extra bit of fun that keeps you involved, in a way that some games are lacking. It’s a fun little game for a low price that fans of the genre shouldn’t miss.

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