iPhone App Review: PolitiCam

iPhone App Review: PolitiCam

January 1st, 2012 by

Taking the novelty camera App Store action in a political direction is Milk Drinking Cow’s new app, Politicam. Just in time for the 2012 election season, you can take pictures of yourself, your friends, your enemies, and your pets with any of dozens of political and social figures from the past century (and beyond, thanks to Shakespeare). Make yourself a part of history!

How It Works

You have no idea how proud I am of myself for this.

The app is fairly easy to figure out, and there are some basic instructions included, but here is the gist.

You tap the “+” button on the bottom left (the one with the tiny picture of Ron Paul), which brings up the screen with all of the historical figures. Select one to drop into your photo, and you will see it represented over the live camera view on your device. You can pinch to zoom and rotate the figure, then press the button that looks like a camera to snap the photo. You can keep this picture by selecting the green check, or reject it with the red “X” and try again. You have full camera control within the app, such as the using the flash or flipping the camera around to the front-facing lens (if available on your device). You can also load images from the gallery using the button at the top that looks like a file folder.

Pros And Cons

Politicam is a typical novelty camera app that does one job and does it well: inserts historical celebrities (mainly politically-oriented, naturally) into your photos. The pictures quality of the included personalities is very sharp, with high-quality transparency so that they fit neatly into your photos without any blurriness or haziness along the edges. The photos themselves are very iconic and distinct, letting you be under the umbrella with Marilyn or sitting across the table from Einstein. Everyone from Shakespeare to Kennedy to Sarah Palin to Barack Obama is represented in this app, so if you’ve ever wanted to be in a photo with them or even the Queen of England, this is your chance.

You can even run the gamut from subtle to outrageous: place a painting of Shakespeare over your fireplace, or have Vladimir Putin pop up out of your silverware drawer.

The app also lets you place more than one personality into the picture, just by placing one and then selecting the next from the list. You can delete people that you’ve placed by dragging them to the garbage can, though be sure to tap who you want to control first (the selection is represented by the picture flashing a few times) before you drag.


Politicam is a fun and well-designed camera app that lets you put celebrities in places that, let’s face it, they would never be caught dead in. And since a lot of the people represented here are actually dead, that’s the literal truth. It’s currently available for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store. It’s a great app to have, if you don’t mind having a thumbnail of Sarah Palin on your springboard.

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