iPhone App Review: PowerCam

iPhone App Review: PowerCam

August 24th, 2012 by

Thanks to the rise of the iOS platform, taking and sharing great photos has become easier than ever. Wondershare Software Co. has just released a new version of their popular PowerCam app, and it takes mobile app photography and photo manipulation to a whole new level. Featuring over 60 effects that are viewable in a real-time preview before you snap the picture, advanced effects like tilt-shift and panorama, and the ability share with one tap to a dozen or so social networks you can rest assured that you will “never take a boring iPhone picture again.”

How It Works

When you fire up the app for the first time (and probably after each app update), you will see an on-screen overlay with labels for what each button on the interface does. Read this, it’s important, and there are a lot of buttons on that interface. As you tap through to each screen you will see similar overlays that will help you quickly get acclimated and learn your way around.

You basically swipe left and right to pass through the different photo effect filters (that you can view in real-time preview before you take the picture), then snap a pic when you get to one you like. You can also bring up a full listing of the filters and pick one, or tape the “random” button and just go to town on whatever the app serves up.

There are a few advanced filters that require a little more than just taking a picture. Panorama (available through in-app purchase) lets you take, you know, a panoramic picture. Color splash lets you select a single color in the preview window, and then the app will filter out all but that color in the rest of the frame. Tilt-shift lets you size and shape a tilt-shift area on the preview before you snap the photo. You can also apply video effects to the videos you shoot and see those in real-time as well, so that you don’t have to wait until the process is done before applying the filter and viewing the results.

You can also apply the usual bevy of after-photo effects like frames, etc., before sharing the photo through any of several different social sharing services. You simply check with services you want to share through, add a comment, and the photo is launched into the ethernet.

Pros And Cons

There’s not much bad to say about this stellar photography app. It not only has the usual types of filters that you would expect from an app of this caliber, but also includes dozens of creative, one-of-a-kind effects that are quite simply stunning when you consider that they are applied in real-time on a computer that fits in the palm of your hands.

My personal favorite example of this are the collection of “sketch” filters, especially the one that looks like a hand holding up a piece of sketch paper. Everything on the paper is rendered in a desktop-quality sketch filter, while the rest of the frame is untouched. There are also a series of fun “funhouse mirror”-style effects, as well as some very high-quality video effects that are amazing (especially when you once-again consider that you are viewing the effects in real-time before you start capturing footage).

The social sharing options are great, letting you share with all of the major ones (and several minor ones) just by tapping the share option and typing in a short message.

My only minor gripe about the app is the sheer amount of on-screen real estate devoted to the interface. There are a LOT of places to tap in this app, and it’s not at all clear what any of them do until you try them out. This isn’t a bad thing or even an avoidable thing: when you have a complex app with a lot of features and a lot of options, it’s unavoidable that you’ll have SOME level of complexity in the interface. I think though that there could be some re-arranging of icons and buttons, with some of the lesser-used options perhaps placed behind pop-up settings screens, so that the screen can be freed up for the real business of taking pictures and videos.


Wondershare PowerCam lives up to its name, being a great app for taking amazing photos and sharing them simply and quickly. The free version includes most of the features of the app, while the in-app purchase option unlocks some more advanced features (Panorama alone is worth it for the upgrade, plus you can apply effects to photos from your photo library). If you like taking fun pictures you should give PowerCam a shot… it may extend your life-expectancy simply in that having to wait to apply filters to photos and videos after the fact.

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