iPhone App Review: Q-Joops

iPhone App Review: Q-Joops

October 20th, 2012 by

If you’re like me (read: as old as I am) you’ll remember the original handheld gaming system: those little plastic toys where you tried to make the steel balls land in the tiny indentations. Q-Joops brings back those simpler times by giving you essentially the same gameplay, but developer BSoft takes the classic analog game and updates it for a modern smartphone audience.

How It Works

There might be a tutorial in the app (I really don’t remember), but it doesn’t really matter: you don’t need one since the rules are so simple. You tilt your device around to try and get the balls into the their “indentations”, which are represented by circular graphics on the background artwork. There are also black holes in the screen to avoid as well as, eventually, “attack balls” that eat yours and end the level. As you advance in levels you will have more of your own balls, more black pits, and more enemies to contend with.

It’s a classic case of gameplay that is simple to learn and difficult to master, since the challenge ramps up steadily throughout your advancement through the levels.

Pros And Cons

Q-Joops is one of those games that has a simple, well-executed premise and delivers on exactly what it promises. You pretty much know what you’re getting into by looking at the screenshots, and this is one of those cases where that’s a good thing. Tilt your phone, land the balls in the slots, don’t let them fall in the pits or get eaten by the enemies.

The graphics primarily consist of the movable objects themselves and the backgrounds, and the artwork in general is good. The backgrounds have a distinct artistic style that reminded me of old sci-fi comic books. The sounds and music in the game do the job but aren’t exceptionally engaging.

There were a couple of times when I dropped a ball in its proper hole, but it froze in the “wrong” place, slightly offset from the graphic of the proper ball indentation. This never happened in the same place twice, but it did happen often enough that I noticed it.


Q-Joops is a simple, yet fun and challenging, casual game that will give you hours of enjoyment, You can pick up and play anytime without worrying about having to drop it in the middle of a level, as each level takes less than a minute to complete (if you can complete it on the first try). It’s available now for $0.99 in the App Store.

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