iPhone App Review: Rat Fishing

iPhone App Review: Rat Fishing

July 21st, 2011 by

New and fresh concepts for games come across so seldom that it is refreshing when you actually manage to find one. While it is easy and cheap to slap a new skin on “Doodle Jump” or “Bejeweled” or “Sokoban”, it is rare to come up with an idea truly new.

As far as I can tell, Rat Fishing is a fresh new puzzle game from Bliss Software, Inc. Use hunks of delicious, smelly cheese to lure rats out of their holes and ultimately to their deaths. Drop them off the screen, blow them up with a mine, slice them in half, or roll a boulder onto their heads. It doesn’t matter how you kill them all, you just have to do it before you use up all of your cheese.

How It Works

The first few levels of the game function as a very effective tutorial, but the basic gist is this:

  • Rats are in their holes.
  • Cheese lures them out.
  • Kill the rats once they’re out of their holes.

You usually can only kill the rats indirectly, using some side-effect of the mechanics of the level design itself, though if the level includes a cutting board you can slice a rat in half if he passes in front of it. If you place cheese on the other side of a gap in the platform, then the hypnotized rodent will walk blindly off the edge, hopefully off the screen and to his death. They will gladly walk over explosive mines. You can even get rats to move objects by placing cheese on the opposite side of the object from them. Move boulders and drop them onto rats below, or move crates in order to change the platform layout and help you finish the level.

After the first several levels the game really ramps up the mental challenge. There are areas introduced in which you can’t directly drop any cheese, so you must figure out how to get the cheese there through other means. Have a rat push it along on the other side of a boulder or crate, bounce it off of a trampoline, even have it flip through the air catapult-like from a strategically placed plank, using a falling rat as the counterweight.

Pros And Cons

If you couldn’t tell already, I really love this game. It starts off a bit slow with the first few tutorial levels, but things really start taking off after that. The levels are always challenging and always fun, though never was I frustrated or discouraged because a level was too hard. The designers did a wonderful job: it’s always fairly clear what you need to do, but getting the timing and sequence perfect sometimes takes some strategy and mental dexterity.

The only drawback to the game is the lack of ability to play your own music. The music and sounds in the game are very good, up to the quality standards set by the design of the gameplay itself, but there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to rock my own iPod library while I play the game.


I’ll keep this brief: original game, low price, lots of value, fun to play. Get it!

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