iPhone App Review: Tiny Comet

iPhone App Review: Tiny Comet

December 14th, 2011 by

From CatfishBlues Games, developers of Hyperlight, comes the very different Tiny Comet. Using tilt controls and some judicious screen tapping, you must guide your little comet across Earth’s landscape in an effort to break free from its gravity and return to the stars. On your journey you’ll encounter a plethora of obstacles that will slow you down, drain your energy, and confuse your comet; but you will have an equal variety of power-ups that will help you overcome to dangers in your path.

How It Works

Once you start a level, the game automatically calibrates the tilt sensor to the current angle at which you’re holding your device. You then simply tilt the device to guide your comet up and down the screen, trying to avoid bad objects and collecting the good ones.

The goal is to reach the end of each level before your energy runs out, dropping you off the bottom  of the screen, but you can collect yellow stars throughout the map in order to boost your energy. There are also items that will drain your energy more quickly, obstacles that you can break through freely but also some that slow you down; spiky guys that confuse your comet, reversing the tilt controls for a short time; bubbles that surround your comet and make it harder to collect yellow stars (though you can pop these with a tap before they become a problem); and many other foul nasties along the way.

Power-ups include speed boosts (as well as opposite counterparts that slow you down), fireballs that let you burst through some obstacles, a wrecking ball that lets you destroy anything in your path, magnets that draw in yellow stars automatically; and the all-powerful supernova that does exactly what you would expect it to do.

As the power-ups and obstacles build up level after level, the maps become exercises in coordination and speedy, strategic thinking. The game features a handy tutorial system that gradually introduces each new element by freezing the action and popping up instructions, before sending you back on your way armed with new knowledge and new strategies.

Pros And Cons

Tiny Comet is engaging right from the start. It has easy, responsive tilt controls that feel natural and fluid in your hand, increasing the speed of your comet as you tilt further in either direction. The inclusion of the occasional need to tap to pop a fast-approaching bubble make the harder levels 120-second nail-biters from start to finish.

The in-game tutorial is a great way to gradually introduce players to each new gameplay element, and is completely unintrusive. The graphics are well thought-out, with a color scheme that helps you easily identify the good stuff from the bad stuff, even if you’ve forgotten what each particular item does. The game is, strictly speaking, easy to play, but definitely gets harder the further along you get. The kiddie-friendly graphic style hides a very challenging, adult-level game.


Tiny Comet as a whole is a fantastic game that pairs terrific gameplay and controls with fluid graphics, and engaging sound and music. It’s simple and familiar enough to understand without intensive instruction, but offers deep and challenging gameplay for those who crave more than a short distraction.

Tiny Comet is currently 99 cents, and is a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

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