iPhone App Review: Wild West Pinball

iPhone App Review: Wild West Pinball

May 3rd, 2009 by

Wild West Pinball, developed by OOOGameprom, is the best pinball game out their, it combines real physics and great graphics giving it the feel of an actual pinball machine.

When launching the app you only have two options, one being to play and the next viewing high scores. This really adds simplicity to the game. Once clicking play you see a well-designed pin ball machine, with of course two flippers, and ball-launcher. The first step is launching the ball, which is handled very fluidly the camera zooms in to the ball, pulling the launcher back and forth launches the ball. Controlling the flippers is all done by tapping on the left and right side of the screen. The simple controls work very well, and it adds to the pick up and play factor. Adding points to your score is done by hitting bonus sections, such as “Kill Dirty Harry”. If you are able to successfully hit into the upper left hand corner of the screen, “Dirty Harry” is released your goal is to shoot him down with your ball. Just like real pinball machines you have 3 chances to score as many points as you can.

Wild West Pinball in Action

Wild West Pinball in Action

Another, nice feature is the ability to view the 15 best scores, and of course be able to compete with them. Right now, the high score is 1.2 million, can you beat it?

Visual/Sound Effects:  I said before the game has great graphics, and I can’t stress that enough it boasts High-Resolution 3-D Graphics, and a frame rate of 40 FPS. I’ve never seen the game the lag, and I’ve been playing for quite a while. The sound effects are also great in this game, although their is no actual song in the background their is realistic sounds effects while the ball bounces around the screen.

You should buy this if you’re a casual gamer that wants a game you can pull out where ever you are and have some fun.

Overall, this game is a great pick up and play game with great graphics, and real physics, at 99 cents it’s a steal!

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  • XXX

    Recently I found a way by chance of accumulating monstrous scores. I don't consider this as a cheat but something that could even happen in a real pinball machine. First, I slap the ball into the goldmine ramp. As it has rolled past the top of the ramp, tilt the iPhone so as to make the ball go backward. With precision jerkings you may settle the ball at the top of the ramp, from where it would stop and you can just sit back and watch the money grow indefinitely!!

  • http://iphone.appspatrol.com iPhone App Reviews

    Seems like a pretty basic game. The graphics really stick out to me, they look awesome. My only concern is that it might get old quick. Being only one style of possible play might not keep my attention for too long. Maybe I will check it out.

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  • http://www.ericsellars.com Eric

    Same question as Richard, what's up with the high scores now ~410,000,000. Is that really possible?

  • Richard

    Come to think of it I have another question, how do you check your own score after the game is over? When you loose the last ball you don't see you score anymore but instead your personal best – can't you in some way see your last score…?

  • Richard

    I agree, this is a great game for the iPhone and a good excuse to kill some time. One question though is HOW do you get those really big scores?!?! I have played this game for quite some time now and my personal best is 2.6 millions and I belive the best score last time I looked was about 65 millions – wonder if there are some cheats or how do people get such high scores!?

  • CBOTrader

    Fabulous game…..I just wish they had an explanation of the targets and exactly what you must do to get the extra points…..I like to understand the pinball machine I am playing and what I must do to score big.

    Still…a FABULOUS game…..I would like to see some more soon!

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