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ub124uc774ubc84 – Naver
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uc2a4ub9c8ud2b8ud55c uc0ddud65cuc758 ud544uc218ud488 ub124uc774ubc84uc571!nub124uc774ubc84uc571uc758 ud2b9ubcc4ud55c uac80uc0c9 uae30ub2a5uacfc ub2e4uc591ud55c uc11cube44uc2a4ub97c uacbdud5d8ud574 ubcf4uc138uc694.nn[uc8fcuc694 uae30ub2a5]n1) ub274uc2a4, uc694uc998 ub728ub294 uc774uc57cuae30 ub4f1 uc2e4uc2dcuac04 ud56b uc774uc288ub294 ubb3cub860, ud328uc158, ub9acube59, uc721uc544 ub4f1 uc77cuc0c1uc5d0 uaf2d ud544uc694ud55c ub2e4uc591ud55c uc815ubcf4ub97c ud55cub208uc5d0! ub124uc774ubc84uc571 u201cud648u201duc5d0uc11c uc77cuc0c1uc758 uc218uc900uc744 ub192uc5ecuc904 uc591uc9c8uc758 ucf58ud150uce20ub97c ud655uc778ud574 ubcf4uc138uc694.nn2) uc2a4ub9c8ud2b8ud55c ubaa8ubc14uc77c uc804uc6a9 uac80uc0c9nubaa8ubc14uc77c uc804uc6a9 uc790ub3d9uc644uc131uacfc ucd08uc131uac80uc0c9 uae30ub2a5uc740 ubb3cub860, ub0a0uc528, uc2e4uc2dcuac04 uad50ud1b5 ub4f1 uc790uc8fc ucc3eub294 uc0ddud65c uac80uc0c9uc5b4ub97c uc544uc774ucf58uc73cub85c uc81cuacf5ud569ub2c8ub2e4. ub124uc774ubc84uc571 uac80uc0c9uc73cub85c uc785ub825uc774 ubd88ud3b8ud55c ubaa8ubc14uc77cuc5d0uc11cub3c4 ucd94uac00 ud0c0uc774ud551 uc5c6uc774 ube60ub974uac8c uac80uc0c9ud574 ubcf4uc138uc694nn3) ub9d0ud558uace0, ub4e4ub824uc8fcuace0, ucc0duc5b4uc11c uac80uc0c9ud55cub2e4! nuae34 ubb38uc7a5ub3c4 uac04ud3b8ud558uac8c ub9d0ub85c ud558ub294 uc74cuc131uac80uc0c9, ub4e4ub824uc8fcuba74 uac00uc0acuae4cuc9c0 ucc3euc544uc8fcub294 uc74cuc545uac80uc0c9, uc77duae30ub3c4 uc5b4ub824uc6b4 uc640uc778uacfc uc77cubcf8uc5b4ub3c4 ucd2cuc601ub9cc ud558uba74 OK!nn+ uc778uc2dd uac80uc0c9uc744 ub354uc6b1 uac04ud3b8ud558uac8c uc0acuc6a9ud558ub294 ubc29ubc95!nub124uc774ubc84uc571 uac80uc0c9ucc3d uc6b0uce21uc758 ud655uc7a5 uac80uc0c9 ubc84ud2bcuc744 ub20cub7ecubcf4uc138uc694.nuc74cuc131u2022uc74cuc545u2022ucf54ub4dcu2022uc640uc778ub77cubca8u2022uc77cubcf8uc5b4u2022ud55cuc790 uac80uc0c9 ub4f1 uc778uc2dduac80uc0c9uacfc ud604uc7ac ub0b4uac00 uc788ub294 uc704uce58ub97c uae30ubc18uc73cub85c nud544uc694ud55c ubaa8ub4e0 uac83uc744 ube60ub974uac8c ucc3euc544uc8fcub294 uc9c0uc5ed uac80uc0c9 uae30ub2a5uc774 uc81cuacf5ub429ub2c8ub2e4.nn4) uba54uc77cuc774ub098 uc77cuc815 uc54cub9bcuc740 ubb3cub860, uc9c0uc778ub4e4uc758 uc18cuc2dduc744 ud55cubc88uc5d0!nube14ub85cuadf8, uce74ud398uc758 ub313uae00 uc54cub9bc ub4f1 ub85cuadf8uc778uc73cub85c uc0acuc6a9ud558ub294 ub124uc774ubc84 uc11cube44uc2a4ub97c ub124uc774ubc84uc571 u2018uc0c8 uc18cuc2dd uc54cub9bcu2019uc73cub85c ud3b8ub9acud558uac8c ud655uc778ud574 ubcf4uc138uc694. nn5) uc790uc8fc uac00ub294 ub124uc774ubc84 uc11cube44uc2a4uc640 ubd81ub9c8ud06cub97c ud55c uacf3uc5d0uc11c!nub124uc774ubc84uc758 ub2e4uc591ud55c uc11cube44uc2a4ub294 ubb3cub860, uc6f9 uc0acuc774ud2b8ub97c ubcf4ub2e4uac00 ubcc4ud45c(u2605)ub97c ub20cub7ecuc11c ucd94uac00ud55c ubd81ub9c8ud06cuae4cuc9c0! ub124uc774ubc84uc571uc758 u201cubc14ub85cuac00uae30u201duc5d0uc11c uc190uc27duac8c uc774ub3d9ud558uc138uc694.nn6) uc544uc774ud328ub4dcuc5d0 ucd5cuc801ud654uba74 ub124uc774ubc84uc571!nuc6f9 uc11cud551uacfc uac80uc0c9 uae30ub2a5uc744 uac15ud654ud55c uc544uc774ud328ub4dcuc5d0 ucd5cuc801ud654ub41c ub124uc774ubc84uc571uc744 ub9ccub098ubcf4uc138uc694. nuc778uc2dduac80uc0c9, uc0c8 uc18cuc2dd uc54cub9bc ub4f1 uc544uc774ud3f0uc6a9 ub124uc774ubc84uc571uc758 uc8fcuc694 ud3b8uc758 uae30ub2a5uc744 uadf8ub300ub85c uc774uc6a9ud560 uc218 uc788uc744 ubfd0ub9cc uc544ub2c8ub77c, URL/uac80uc0c9uc5b4ub97c uc790ub3d9uc73cub85c ud310ub2e8ud574uc11c uc6d0ud558ub294 uacb0uacfcub85c uc774ub3d9uc2dcucf1cuc8fcub294 uc2a4ub9c8ud2b8ud55c [URLuc785ub825ucc3d],nuc6f9 uc11cud551uc744 ud3b8ub9acud558uac8c ub3c4uc640uc8fcub294 [ubd81ub9c8ud06c], uc6f9 uc0acuc774ud2b8 ubc29ubb38 [ud788uc2a4ud1a0ub9ac], [uc5f4ub824uc788ub294 ud398uc774uc9c0] uae30ub2a5ub3c4 uc774uc6a9ud560 uc218 uc788uc2b5ub2c8ub2e4.nn+ ub124uc774ubc84uc571uc740 uc720ub2c8ubc84uc15c uc571uc73cub85c uc544uc774ud3f0uc5d0uc11c uc124uce58ud558uba74 uc544uc774ud3f0 ubc84uc804uc774, uc544uc774ud328ub4dcuc5d0uc11c uc124uce58ud558uba74 uc544uc774ud328ub4dc ubc84uc804uc774 uc790ub3d9uc73cub85c uc124uce58ub429ub2c8ub2e4.nnuc571 uc0acuc6a9 uc911uc5d0 ubb38uc81c ub610ub294 uc624ub958uac00 ubc1cuc0ddud558ub294 uacbduc6b0, ub124uc774ubc84 uace0uac1duc13cud130( ubb38uc758ub97c ub0a8uaca8uc8fcuc138uc694.nub9acubdf0uc5d0ub9cc uc758uacacuc744 ub0a8uae30uc2e4 uacbduc6b0 uace0uac1dub2d8 ubb38uc81cuc5d0 ub300ud55c uc815ud655ud55c ud655uc778 ubc0f ub2f5ubcc0uc774 uc5b4ub835uc2b5ub2c8ub2e4.nnNaver for iPhone nWith Naver, your life is easier than ever. You can enjoy the powerful search features, social network, webtoons, and many other special contents and servicesu2014at once! Whatever you are looking for, Naver is there for you to answer.nn[Features] n1)SEARCH ASSIST TOOLSn-Keyword auto completionn-Initial character searchn-Search historyn-In-context keyword suggestion nn2)SEARCH BY IMAGE, SOUND, QR CODE, AND VOICEn-Bar and QR code recognitionn-Voice searchn-Music identificationn-Wine label scanningn-Japanese word capture and automatic searchnn3)SEARCH TAPn-Easy access to search featuresn-Real-time Top 10 keywordn-Directory to essential information such as sports events, recipe, weather, real-time traffic, TV shows, stock index, and more.nn4)NAVER ME TAPn-View alerts from Blog, Cafu00e9, me2Day, and other Naver servicesn-Quick access to mailboxn-Favorite Contents Subscriptionn-Bookmarked Contents Box nn5)GO TAPn-Quick link to all Naver mobile web and app services including Naver Books, Dictionary, me2Day, and gamesn-Bookmark


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  • ub124uc774ubc84 – Naver Screenshot

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