Why We Love to Hate Media Temple

May 18th, 2010 by jjmancini

Oh media temple… It seems like it has been nothing but a struggle. After months of hosting FreshApps with Media Temple, we have decided to sever the relationship, the following are the accounts and reasons why:

Media Temple, oh how I loathe thee, let me enumerate thy failures:

  1. WordPress + Media Temple = a lethargic turtle on muscle relaxers that is stuck in molasses in January. In other words, absurdly slow. There are numerous posts out there that state that media temple has issues with word press, you can find more he re here. Yet nothing speaks louder than experience. Why is it, that a website running wordpress on media temple is unnaturally slow then as thousands complain media temple says it is not there fault, ignores the issues, then says that it is bad coding, blame shifts and leaves you to resolve it. Ahhhh the frustration.
  2. Support. When I was trying to track down and resolve the issue of why the server was running so slow, the only way I could get support from media temple was via a support ticket. That’s fine, but since they pride themselves in support, how can it be that the average ticket response time was 2 days! Then after 2 days I would get a response that was obviously copied and pasted that was just shy of automated, and did not address the issue.
    Then I decided to have some fun. I created a support ticket saying “My Server is On Fire!”, seeing if it was possible to receive more than two responses within the same week. Nope… The response time was still two days.
  3. The Numbers: when I purchased a media temple virtual server I was promised much. 4gb of ram, 2.8 ghz processor, 1TB of bandwidth. What i received was a far cry from that. They always blamed the lack of memory or lack of CPU on “bad neighbor effect”. It seems as though that’s what they were using as the scapegoat, always blaming the bad infrastructure and network on the “bad neighbor effect”. And even if it is true, they had no way of fixing it, nor giving money back, no remedy.

Media Temple, let me count thy praises:

Media temple is not all bad, they really do have a couple of redeeming qualities.

  1. The best thing about media temple is the logo. It truly is beautiful. The design of the company and the website is nothing short of revolutionary. The logo with it’s acronymic namesake shown parenthetically. Wow…
  2. I guess the other redeeming value that media temple has is that The support ticket timer is accurate. When it says 2 days and 10 hours, they respond to me not a minute sooner.

To Sum it Up:

In short, this is not an isolated problem. It is not a coincidence that there are hundreds of posts and complaints about wordpress and media temple. To keep it short, I would not recommend Media Temple ever to anyone!

Stay tuned to see who we are hosting with now and our 2 cents about them.

  • Vivekanandan

    We have faced the worst face of Mediatemple in the past 5 months. Our server websites have been hacked for 5 times in 5 months. Mediatemple simply says, it is not their responsibility, Advises us to change unpredictable passwords frequently and not to use easily acquirable scripts. But, we are changing the passwords frequently and we are using the same scripts which we are using in their dedicated virtual server. Now they have locked our Grid Server for the past 48 hours. They gave a list to remove some files in order to activate our server. When informed them after removing those files, again they sent another list and asked us to remove. Now, again they have sent a list in where the files they have mentioned are freshly designed (logo-JPEG, website home page) by us and uploaded just before they locked our server. We have proof with us, we can share the support history to anybody. We strongly suggest not to go for Mediatemple. No.1 worst service in this world.

  • rmmmmm

    I agree MT lets me down all the time! The support tickets at media temple are on point, well….actually no i sent one and it said 12 hours and then I checked the next day how many more hours and it was up to 14 hrs!!! Did someone cut in line!! lol my time raised up from the previous day as if a day hadnt gone by.

    • http://twitter.com/mediatemple @mediatemple

      I'm very sorry that your request was not responded to in a timely manner! I understand how frustrating it can be. Unfortunately, sometimes support requests can slip through the cracks during a time where we have a high volume of them. Regardless, it's something we are working towards improving. We're actively hiring customer support staff in order to help alleviate this issue and others. For future reference, if you are every requiring immediate assistance, we encourage customers to call or message us on Twitter, as both are staffed and eager to assist customers 24/7. -(mt) Sara

  • Drew Lanning

    I love Bluehost too, though nobody really looks at my site so I can't report on how they handle traffic loads.

  • Gita

    Unlimitedgb.com is very cheap while comparing to mediatemplate.net ,team work makes unlimitedgb incredible.

  • Kevin

    I am ready to dump MT too. Who are you using?

    • http://twitter.com/mediatemple @mediatemple

      Hi Kevin. Sorry to hear you're unhappy with the (mt) service. Is there anything in particular you're having trouble with or are unhappy about? Anything I can do to help? You can get a hold of us 24/7 via support request, phone or Twitter (@mediatemple). Please let us know if there's anything we can do to give you a better experience.

  • http://www.oxagile.com Web Developer

    I understand your feelings towards Media Temple – that's why I prefer to stay away from their services.

  • itzritz

    so who did you switch to?

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/jjmancini jjmancini

      We will be putting up a post here in about another week or so. We wanted to make sure our new host a month of hosting before we give our input.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/jjmancini jjmancini

    You are welcome. And I'm sure all of the other users are loving it too. I'm not sure what the issue was with media temple, but this new service is LESS expensive and has 10 times the power! It's amazing!

  • dancemonkey

    All I can say is "Thank God". Yes some images got corrupted in the move and I just spent a couple hours fixing my reviews, but the fact that I actually was able to work in WP admin for two hours straight is nothing short of miraculous based on prior experience with the old host. One button press before would crash the entire site.

    Thank you, J.J., from the bottom of my heart.

  • http://twitter.com/gonzoville @gonzoville

    So where did you switch your hosting to? I've been with MT a long while and they're fine for my developed apps, but my WP sites (and Joomla sites) always seem to bog and they never give me any kind of answer for "why."

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